Professional 3D Printing With Fusion3’s Certified Material List

There are several features that make the Fusion3 F410 stand out from other professional 3D printers but one of them is really something special: their Certified Materials List (.pdf 2019 version). The CML ensures every available material is printed with the correct settings for optimized quality and efficiency.

Open Material System – Print With 3rd Party Materials

Some professional 3D printer manufacturers lock their printers down to use only their proprietary filament spools; this generally increases quality control but also increases costs and limits users’ material options. Other manufacturers leave their printers open to any filament and provide a few basic printing profiles for different types of materials. The F410 is not only compatible with nearly every material but it also has print profiles for different brands of materials. Not all PLAs print the same so the people at Fusion3 actually test every filament to create printing profiles for each brand and type.

Safe & Quiet

The entire printer is also fully enclosed which makes it safer and quieter for educational and office locations. The enclosed build volume regulates temperature as well so large parts are less prone to warping. That’s especially important for a printer designed to handle nylon, polycarbonate, ASA, and polyester, all of which required consistent temperatures to maintain dimensionality. There are other details that contribute to the high-quality prints of the F410, like the smart extruder that both cleans filament and pauses prints if filament runs out. And Kevlar cables are used in place of rubber belts to eliminate backlash and stretching over time.

From a distance, the F410 may look like many other 3D printers, but a closer inspection reveals a superior build quality and an attention to detail not found in most of the competition. They back this up with perhaps the best warranty in the business, a full two years that includes jammed extruders, and then free technical support is available for life. Every machine is built and calibrated in North Carolina, meaning support will always be local and connected directly to those who build the machines.

Fusion3 F410

Fusion3 F410 3D Printer

The Fusion3 F410 is a professional grade FFF 3D printer and the successor of the Fusion3 F400. A big new feature on the F410 is that this 3D printer comes with interchangeable print heads. You have the choice between three interchangeable print heads, a .4mm and .6mm are included and a .8mm can be purchased separately.


  • Manufacturer country:
  • USA
  • Print size millimeters:
  • 355 x 355 x 315 mm
  • Print size inches:
  • 14.0 x 14.0 x 12.4 inches
  • Printable material(s):

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